Coffee Log, Day 5


Coffee: Mind, Body and Soul blend by Equal Exchange. Brewed at a friend’s house. Easy to drink. Reminds me of quick coffee in a highway diner, but only the memory of what that should taste like, not the burnt grounds you end up with.

This morning, I sat down in a cold room with hard-wood floors, a gray sky, and an unfamiliar computer. All these things – except for the sky – are loaned to me by a friend. Sometimes, generous things can feel the most foreign. Foreign’s not all that bad.

Does anyone else feel like taking long drives when it’s cloudy? When the sky’s covered up it makes you want to uncover it. I used to get yelled at by teachers for staring out the window on cloudy days. Stationary is for pool parties and 9-to-5’s.

Currently Reading:
Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri

“No calories, no artificial sweeteners, sodium free.” – Bottom of a La Croix Can


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