Coffee Log, Day 16


Coffee: ‘Pleasant Morning Buzz’ Vienna Roast, Whole Foods Brand; Tastes like late nights hungover watching last week’s soccer games. Packaging is a Spring day. Deceptive.

I’m at a red and steel coffee table this morning listening to a friend type emails. Those keystrokes… For a second, it felt like college. I used to be surrounded by productivity. Funny thing about college, though, is that most of that productivity doesn’t produce anything. Write papers and forget about them. Who remembers their gen-ed’s? When I still had my job at the bookstore I spent hours every day in tedium. “Hi,” I’d say, “Want to buy a membership?” I got good results. I was affecting the world.

Currently Reading:
Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri

“First Taste Chinese Restaurant – The Best Szechuan & Cantonese Cuisine.” – Name and slogan for my favorite Chinese joint in Burlington, NC, a hole in the wall in Cum Park Plaza, same fake palm tree in the lobby for twenty years. It’s a family affair. The girl at the counter used to come in after elementary with a bright blue backpack.


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