Coffee Log, Day 27


Coffee: Honduras, Cooperativa Raos.

Sometimes I think about Munising, Michigan. It’s a speck of a town on the Upper Peninsula. It was built in a natural bay. I drove through Munising on the way to Marquette five years ago. I was with an old friend. We stopped to eat at the Dogpatch restaurant.

We pulled in past six but it was still bright. That far north, the sun doesn’t set until 11 pm in the warm months and the town was bustling. I remember people on bicycles and a packed cafe serving ice cream. Everyone knew each other. My friend took pictures while I watched Superior’s dull waves. America looks best when you don’t know it: when you’re in a place for two hours and can’t see the unfulfilled dreams.

When I google Munising, its lawns are grown-over with grass and blown by hard sandy bay breezes. The buildings are small and spaced out. It’s like any other forgotten American town. In memory, it’s a little bit more.

Currently Reading:
Tar Baby, Toni Morrison

“Picture Perfect.” – claim on Munising’s website below a linked video of Kid Rock playing in the town.


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