Coffee Log, Day 32


Coffee: Americano, Starbucks Brand; bought on Ko-fi by Bill Livesay, my father.

The first time I enjoyed coffee was in high school. I’d been in a car accident and my back was messed up. My father checked me out on a blustery afternoon and we drove to Greensboro to talk with a neurologist. He told me my muscles were pinching my sciatic nerve. I was on Vicodin for a year.

After the appointment, my father drove me to a bookstore and bought a Starbucks vanilla latte. It smelled good and I asked if I could have some. He bought me my own and I sipped the cup as it cooled down. It was nice and warm and sweet and a little scandalous – 11 am on a Wednesday, I should have been in school.

These days, I drink my coffee black. No milk, no sugar. But Starbucks is Starbucks, and the Americano this morning reminded me of you, Dad. Cheers.

Currently Reading:
Tar Baby, Toni Morrison

“Same great sleeve, less waste.” – Claim on Starbucks cup

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