Coffee Log, Day 47


Coffee: Cafe Pajaro, Extra Dark, Trader Joe’s Brand

I went to the NC State Farmer’s Market. It was a broody sort of day, clouds gray and smooth like the little hairs on a cat’s belly. The rain broke when we got there. Thankfully, the market’s covered by big open bays where birds are always nesting. We walked around, smelled fresh fruit, and heard the birds. I didn’t buy anything but that’s not what I was shopping for.

My ex tells me I need to get out more, talk to people. Well, a few exes tell me that. It’s not bad advice. We got to the market with the express purpose of meeting people. I watched a friend chat with the stall owners. We tried cucumbers and strawberries. I got distracted by a broken water fountain and knelt to take a picture. When I turned around, a pin-stripe lady’s looking at me like I’ve just dropped my pants in the middle of class:

“How’s it going?” I said.

“Fine,” she said. She got going.

Hell, that’s a start, right?

Currently Reading:
Tar Baby, Toni Morrison

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“You know that porch light is on.” – Lil Wayne


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