Coffee Log, Day 74


Coffee: Organic Bolivian Blend, Trader Joe’s brand

I followed a small black dog through the woods. She had a collar. She waddled ahead of me, stopped to let me pat her, then skipped and hopped. The dog was always waiting for me to catch up. Eventually, her owner called and she bopped through the trees. It was nice to see the dog today. Travel companions are hard to come by.

In 2010, I studied for a summer in Greece. We dotted across the country – island to island, city to city – and spent a weekend on Mount Olympus. Duke had rented us a lodge but we had to climb the mountain to reach it. Halfway up, a scruff grey hound joined us while we snacked by a waterfall. He had no collar and wagged his tail when we fed him candied mangos. We named him Mango. The dog led the way up twists, turns, sheer-face climbs, and across the last pass that was snowed over – even in summer – until he left us at the lodge to dodge the backyard kitchen, eager for the smells of baked spaghetti.

There’s no moral or message to this, unless it’s maybe to follow whatever fido happens to cross your way.

Currently Reading:
The Pardoner’s Tale, by John Wain

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“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”  – Marilyn Monroe


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