Coffee Log, Day 110


Coffee: Organic Sumatra Blend, Trader Joe’s Brand

Not to knock sports, but I’ve never been a sports fan. There’s a bit of self-defensiveness in that because I’ve never been very good at sports. For the most part, I don’t miss it. There are things I love, communities I’m a part of, hobbies that engage me. However, I do feel the gap of big, shared events – the World Series, the Super Bowl – the same way a kid feels vacant when she gets sick on her birthday. These last four years I’ve made my own replacement tradition: the first weekend in June, I drink beer, eat Little Caesar’s pizza, and watch coverage of the E3 video game press conferences.

I grew up escaping into video games and I still do. They’re a part of me, personally and artistically. When I was younger, playing games was still a nerdy thing; it’s moved to broader culture but there’s still some stigma tied to it. “If you’re playing that game, what else could you be doing?”

That’s a fair question. I’ve missed out on bits of life because of video games. In return, though, they’ve given me a large wardrobe of different clothes – vibrant, silly, violent, mournful, fantastic. I owe some personal development to A Link to the Past – it taught me that there’s magic in striving for something. Persona 4 taught me what it takes to write a vibrant, lived-in world.

I skipped the beer today – getting up too early tomorrow to allow for it – and before the shows I ran errands, wrote, checked all the productive boxes – but you can be damn sure I spent three hours on the couch munching cheese pizza transfixed by the possibilities of a thousand virtual childhoods blipping on the screen.

Currently Reading:
Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson

Fund the Coffee Log 🙂 –

Chie Satonaka: Man, where the heck are we? What *is* this place? Someplace inside Junes?
Yosuke Hanamura: Hell no, it isn’t! I mean, we fell through a TV! Actually, uh… what *is* going on here?” – Persona 4


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