Coffee Log, Day 187


Coffee: Sumatra Medium-Dark Roast, Trader Joe’s; I brewed a pot but stopped drinking 3/4 through. Bored coffee or bored life?

Carrying couches in a house stripped to underboards. Tonight, R and I helped his brother furnish. He had the radio going early aughts and the AC panting like the last kid in track. It was a nice house, sexagenarian, unkempt lawn lilacs, picture windows, broody strange corners that’ll make future kids (if they have any) cry ‘ghost!’ As with all moves, each piece of furniture was awkward and all of it had to go upstairs.

My arms ache – I miss this feeling. First year back from overseas, I worked part-time at a clothing store. I was backroom, stocks and boxes, lifting crates up ladders. I got to know clothes and I got to know sets of prepacked instructions: build this, build that. I woke up early and left at noon. I had nice, thick shoulders. I was trying to write a novel that I later scrapped.

Bottled water – ‘purified by reverse osmosis.’ R’s brother bought this at a Food Lion, now it has a corner of my crowded table. I read and re-read the label. I think how lovely it might be to be ‘purified,’ whatever the method. Blood transpires like mountain mist and I’m left clean, empty, wonderfully waiting to be refilled. I have a habit of going to work on time, coming home later, spending a few hours after dinner looking forward to this or that exhibit, party, date, publication. A long time ago, my part-time labor brought me home to sweated afternoons in my parent’s annex, alive with generative thoughts I still haven’t formed.

But the point is, it’s easier to think with sore muscles than a busy head or heart.

Currently Reading: LaRose, Louise Erdrich; FINISHED!! Will have a review soon

Support Relief for Family Suffering at the BorderRAICES DONATION CAMPAIGN

“Minerals added for flavor.” – Food Lion Water Bottle


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