Coffee Log, Year 2, Day 121


Coffee: Light Roast, Trader Joe’s Brand

A sick day. Went to work, came home, tried to screw my head on right. It’s mostly right now, but it’s late and I’m tired. So here’s what I saw today:

Walking across the bridge outside our apartment, I caught something in the corner of my eye that looked like five fingers outstretched, a hand, a gesture of wanting, your step mother offering you one more slice of the pumpkin pie before you leave.

Turns out, on closer inspection, the hand was just some thick grey roots poking up from a river bank.

Like an illness, things can have two colors two them – one full and feverish, the other like a spent canister.

Currently Reading: Queen, Suzanne Crain Miller

Support Relief for Family Suffering at the Border  – RAICES DONATION CAMPAIGN

The general root of superstition : namely, that men observe when things hit, and not when they miss; and commit to memory the one, and forget and pass over the other.

Francis Bacon

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