Coffee Log, Year 2, Day 237


Coffee:  Maxwell House Master Blend, Office Coffee

Keeping harmless secrets in a dark bar on Tuesday. The bartender takes my drink: “Something golden,” because I’d been thinking about the golden hour, and how I’d missed it. She brings it back in a glass that’s flowing over, and looks a bit like a daffodil.

I can only share this space with you. The best buzz is at the bottom, emptying out the glass. When it’s empty, I can measure how much time we had together. A pint, stray hour, two lost dogs following the same wind. We mix our metaphors and admire all the pumpkins. Halloween, the witching season, slipped up in different spells.

I crack the window on the way home and let music leak out. I don’t want to keep the quiet from my car, or my music from the night.

Currently Reading: Queen, Suzanne Crain Miller

Support Relief for Family Suffering at the Border  – RAICES DONATION CAMPAIGN

The sky, at sunset, looked like a carnivorous flower.

Roberto Bolano, 2666

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