Coffee Log, Day 222


Coffee: French Roast, Trader Joe’s Brand

A dog-walk day.

I took a stroll. Sundown, 2nd of October. My mouth was still wet from dinner. I started on the second floor landing, thought about the book I wrote that started on a second floor landing. Kids on the playground; parents at the picnic tables. I crossed the creek and sidled the first floor apartment that’s got a screen door. The TV was going. A courtroom drama. Objection!

It wasn’t until I passed the pool that I started to see them: bipedallers puttering around with leashes leading every size of furball into the first comfortable day of Autumn. I think I counted five in all, about four more than most days. They fell to two categories: guys in cargo shorts looking bored as toy poodles pulled them around; women in athletic wear talking to their cell phones. That dogs yipped and bapped at each other, yipped and bapped at me, made up for every lack of interest in their owners. To them, it was Christmas. To them it was the fifteen-hundred down on a new car, new wheels, broad October, open roads, wild nights. For five to ten minutes, the dogs got to remember that their paws once clawed beds of dirt, hunted woods and fields. For the same amount of time, the people got to think about what show to watch when they got home.

Currently Reading: Autumn, Ali Smith; Cherry, Nico Walker

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“To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs.” – Aldous Huxley

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Coffee Log, Day 141


Coffee: Cafe Pajaro Extra Dark Roast, Trader Joe’s Brand

I shaved my head the first time for love. Well, for me, really, but me-by-way-of-a-woman. College, Junior year – she was coming over for the weekend; I saw a shaggy head in the mirror; I shaved it all off. S screamed “Ah!” when she saw me. We screwed in the closet.

For a long time, I shaved even-cut – one blade set, fuzz the whole garden off, wait to harvest again a month later. But I like the sides of my head better than the top.

In 2013, I watched a lot of Vikings. Ragnar Lothbrook, played by Travis Fimmel, was hot. In 2014, on the way back from Japan, I shaved just the sides, left the top longer, a viking cut. That was for love too – change-for-me-by-way-of-a-woman. I’d known L since high school. We’d had a thing before I left the country. Coming back, I thought we could still have it. I showed up at her cafe, stroking my hair…

She saw the cut but didn’t comment. L and I haven’t talked in years.

Still, I appreciate people that help me want to change. We all have a capacity to use and be used for the better.

Currently Reading: LaRose, Louise Erdrich

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“One of the causes, by the way, of the apparent lack, at the present time, of great men lies in the poverty of the contemporary male coiffure. Rich in whiskers, beards, and leonine manes, the great Victorians never failed to look the part, nowadays it is impossible to know a great man when you see one.” – Aldous Huxley