Coffee Log, Day 294


Coffee: Earl Grey Tea, Bigelow; my sick stomach couldn’t handle coffee this morning. The tea was enough.

I was hacking and coughing all night long so I called out of work this morning. I’ve spent the day in a t-shirt and socks and boxers binge-watching Riverdale on Netflix. It’s a good show. Just the right amount of soap opera. Though I’m sure it’s even better through fever-goggles.

I still remember a time when you’d wait each week to watch another episode of something. I guess some people still do that, but I haven’t had cable for ten years, much like the rest of my generation. There was a nice bit of community wrapped up in the waiting. You’d talk to friends trying to guess what would happen next.

What does anyone wait for anymore? Paddling our kayaks like we’re in white waters even when it’s calm as a gentle lake. I don’t know if this is a good thing, bad thing, or just a thing. Hell, I’m too sick right now to make much sense of it.

Novel Count: (on hiatus while I recover from this cold)

Currently Reading: Cherry, Nico Walker (Finished! Mixed feelings overall; I’ll try to get to a review this weekend)

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