Coffee Log, Day 177


Coffee: Cafe Pajaro, Extra Dark Roast, Trader Joe’s Brand

I watched a Twitch stream put on by the #1 ranked Elder Scrolls Legends player, recorded this afternoon. Elder Scrolls Legends is a competitive digital card game.

#1 was a young man in a nice chair in a white room. He was calm. He won some games then he lost one. He was less calm. #1’s opponent got good cards. He played them better. A few minutes and it was over.

I’m not one to watch ESL streams but tonight was special. I sat on the carpet, R (my roommate) sat in the chair. A couple plays later #1 was done. As it turns out, his opponent – for both of his two losses – was R.

It’s nice to know a celebrity. Strange to know that in 2018 you can be famous for five seconds before everyone forgets about you. Well, everyone except your friends.

There’s joy in a good game. These days, juggling work and writing, red-eyed aspirations, it’s easy to feel guilty about picking up a controller. But there’s joy in a good game, simple pride in a good competition. We’re cubs in a jungle wrestling with each other; something just as savage but less brutal than what you see on the news.

Congrats, buddy. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to sit down some days to play.

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“Life is more fun if you play games.” – Roald Dahl


Coffee Log, Day 110


Coffee: Organic Sumatra Blend, Trader Joe’s Brand

Not to knock sports, but I’ve never been a sports fan. There’s a bit of self-defensiveness in that because I’ve never been very good at sports. For the most part, I don’t miss it. There are things I love, communities I’m a part of, hobbies that engage me. However, I do feel the gap of big, shared events – the World Series, the Super Bowl – the same way a kid feels vacant when she gets sick on her birthday. These last four years I’ve made my own replacement tradition: the first weekend in June, I drink beer, eat Little Caesar’s pizza, and watch coverage of the E3 video game press conferences.

I grew up escaping into video games and I still do. They’re a part of me, personally and artistically. When I was younger, playing games was still a nerdy thing; it’s moved to broader culture but there’s still some stigma tied to it. “If you’re playing that game, what else could you be doing?”

That’s a fair question. I’ve missed out on bits of life because of video games. In return, though, they’ve given me a large wardrobe of different clothes – vibrant, silly, violent, mournful, fantastic. I owe some personal development to A Link to the Past – it taught me that there’s magic in striving for something. Persona 4 taught me what it takes to write a vibrant, lived-in world.

I skipped the beer today – getting up too early tomorrow to allow for it – and before the shows I ran errands, wrote, checked all the productive boxes – but you can be damn sure I spent three hours on the couch munching cheese pizza transfixed by the possibilities of a thousand virtual childhoods blipping on the screen.

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Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson

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Chie Satonaka: Man, where the heck are we? What *is* this place? Someplace inside Junes?
Yosuke Hanamura: Hell no, it isn’t! I mean, we fell through a TV! Actually, uh… what *is* going on here?” – Persona 4