Coffee Log, Year 2, Day 169


Coffee: Pike Place, Apartment Lounge Brew

I went walking in the woods and startled a black snake. She had skin like greased leather and a head like an almond. She was basking on a bridge. When she heard me, she shot off in the direction I was heading. She was candy, licorice, strings on the back of a dress. She stopped at the edge of the bridge. There was a wooden railing to wrap around. She kept her head out of view, but I could still see her tail.

I like snakes, but my heart jumps anytime I see one.

Besides the walk, I spent most of Sunday sitting inside under the ceiling fan. Even though it’s a cooler 89 degrees, that’s still too much for me. I listened to a podcast. An NPR anchor interviewed Colson Whitehead about his new book ‘The Nickel Boys.’ It’s fiction, but based on a real correctional school in Florida that had been operating for decades. The school was known for its abuses. They brought on one of the former boarders for interview. He talked about how he was brought to a small white room on his third day and beaten with a leather whip. Later, they mentioned the unmarked graves on the schoolgrounds, and how one of the bodies had buckshot in the bones. The school was investigated numerous times but only got shot down in 2011.

There’s this milky-white wisdom we all learned in kindergarten classrooms: snakes are poison, America has her amber waves.

What makes your heart jump when you see it?

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I could see the bird soaring away. And then I realised there was no more shutting of your eyes to the truth,no salvation in being blindfolded,no dream and reality,no being awake or asleep. Everything is one and the same continuing eternal day and world, coiling around you like a snake. This is when I saw vast , remote happiness as being small but close.

Milorad Pavic, Dictionary of the Khazars

Coffee Log, Day 243


Coffee: Cafe Pajaro Extra Dark, Trader Joe’s Brand

I worked with a guy who wears burgundy pants. They matched his tie, a knit tie with squared tip, and there was pink in his dress shirt but only if you looked hard enough. I’m impressed by people who ‘pull it off,’ whatever ‘it’ is.

I used to love a girl who kept dying her hair different colors. She was working at a bakery, the bakery was in a grocery store, the store manager kept harassing her to tone down the hair. She didn’t, of course. Instead, she read up on the employee handbook and gave the old, stale, crusty lady a lesson on company policy. I liked her a lot for that. But my favorite picture of the girl was in black and white and maybe that’s why it couldn’t work out.

There’s this Discord channel I’m in with a few friends. We get together sometimes in the literal world, too. A few weeks ago, the guy who runs the channel made emojis out of old pictures of us, inside jokes, etc etc. One picture is of him biting into a Turkey leg. I always smile when I see it. The look on his face is worth a million. This guy takes life just the right amount of seriously, he considers every option and sticks to the right one, he’s honest and consistent. He’s on a short list of people I trust unconditionally.

I took another walk tonight. I saw familiar faces: kids in bicycle helmets; a round man walking his rounder beagle. We exchanged five-second hellos. I reckon they recognized me too. As I went by a couple, one said ‘I see that guy every night.’ It kinda creeped me out, then I warmed up to it. Maybe everyone’s got their ‘thing.’ Maybe we’re all pulling it off.

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“Yeah, but they’re PURPLE pants,” Bobby said as if that made some kind of distinction. “Hence, I’m awesome.” – Amanda Hocking, Wisdom