Cows, or Thriving Defiantly – March 2018 Contest Winner

This poem was written for the winner of the March 2018 Short Story/Poetry drawing. The winner happened to be a dear friend with a penchant for cows.

Cows, Or Thriving Defiantly – A Poem

Brown, black, white and stout as a middle-aged Redwood
In Northern California
But you’ve got four legs grounded
Instead of one full trunk
And two eyes to see
Or grass or grain
Something warm-stiff in Kentucky sun
Tough and grounded
So when you chew, your whole big body gets into
The green rotation,
The proud-brave lollygags
of living
Same as the California Redwoods.

A billion hunters’ eyes are on you
But teeth can’t see the Spring
Like you know first clover
By the tip of your tongue.


Gareth Livesay – 2018